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It’s great that people are thinking about their food, it’s just that all these labels can be misleading at best, and plain old criminal at worst. ” “I eat exclusively certified humane, grass fed, free range, no-spray, fresh and seasonal.” I hear this stuff a lot.For example, did you know that meat from factory confinement farms (yes, the ones with the horrible conditions for animals) can be labeled USDA Organic?(Source: §205.239(b) and (c)) As we plan our farm venture we’re going to have to pick a path to follow regarding organic certification, and of course, it’s a tangled web of bureaucracy and paperwork.But the research has taught me a lot about the food that I buy and how easy it is for producers to misrepresent their food with labels.On the flip side, if you’re dogmatic about labels you’re going to miss out on a lot of great food because small farmers can’t or won’t jump through the hoops of the food police.Here’s a little of what I’ve learned: USDA Organic: The big one, you probably recognize it.Has a lot of good intentions, but a lot of loopholes.Given the choice of two products equal in every way but one labeled USDA Organic I’d buy it the organic one every time, but I don’t treat this designation as gospel because it’s difficult and expensive for small farmers to be USDA certified.I’d rather buy from a local producer that doesn’t abide by the letter of the organic law than a big monoculture farm that’s figured out how to evade the regulations.Certified Naturally Grown: This is from a third-party, non-government organization, and the onus of policing is on the customer and other farmers.Its’ code is based on the USDA Organic regulations, but calls for a specific minimum number of days on pasture, while the USDA’s is full of loopholes.CNG certification is tailored for the small farmer that can’t afford USDA certification but still raises plants and animals responsibly: “To be granted the CNG certification, farmers don’t use any synthetic herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, hormones, or genetically modified organisms.

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